Earn Gifts and
Scan & Go
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Create and use!

Create and use!

By creating the wallet of the brands in the application, you can spend with the Alternatif SuperApp.

Fast Shopping

You can make your payments with QR code in seconds and without waiting.

Pay Contactless

You make your payments by showing a QR code without exchanging cards.

Seize Opportunities

You will be instantly informed about the campaigns made by the brands in the application. You can automatically benefit from the campaigns by loading balance.

Share Wallet

You can easily share the amount you want with your family members or loved ones, whenever you want. The person you share can use the balance in your wallet during this amount and time.

Accurate Location Information

You can view the most reliable contact and address information of the branches of brands with Alternatif SuperApp.

Alternatif SuperApp
Account History

You can track your past expenses. Your expenses are instantly visible in the Alternatif SuperApp.

Your Information is Safe

Your personal information and cards are protected under the Personal Data Protection Law (KVKK, GDPR in Turkey). No one but you can access your information.

Scan & Go Soon!

In businesses with this feature, the products whose barcodes you have scanned through the application are added to the virtual basket. After adding all the products, you can make the payment from your digital wallet and leave the store without ever visiting the cashier.

Fast OrderSoon!

Your customers can place their takeaway orders through the app. They can also easily make the payment through the application.

Why Alternatif SuperApp?

Alternatif SuperApp is an advantageous application for anyone who wants to take advantage of the campaigns, make their payments securely with QR codes, and use the wallets of many brands in a single application.

Shopping quickly without waiting in line, sharing a wallet with the person you want for the amount and time you want, and taking advantage of the campaigns are waiting for you at Alternatif SuperApp!

Why Alternatif SuperApp?
Benefit From Campaigns

You will be instantly informed about the campaigns of the brands. In the Alternatif SuperApp, you benefit as soon as you load balance to your wallets. You can view the campaigns in each brand's wallet as well as view all the campaigns with the 'Campaigns' button.

No Need to Carry a Wallet

With the credit cards you add, you can load balance the wallet of the brand you want whenever you want. Moreover, you can complete your payment just by scanning the QR code on your phone.

Practical, Safe and Hygienic

The payment process is completed in an average of 3 seconds with a QR code, so you save time. The balances in your wallet are protected with the highest level of security measures with quality software technologies. The contactless experience of paying with a QR code is also suitable for pandemic conditions.

It's Under Your Control

You decide how much you load into your wallets and spend. You can check your past expenses whenever you want. That way, you won't encounter any surprises.